Are you ready for the cold weather?

To avoid being caught out with a broken boiler when you need it the most, here are our tips on avoiding being left cold in your home this winter.

Have a test run

Before it gets too cold and you want to turn up the heat, try turning on and turning up your boiler to maximum temperature for around 15 minutes and check everything is running smoothly. It is better to notice a fault now and get a quick fix than be left without heating and hot water on the coldest day of the year.

Bleed your radiators 

Air can build up in your heating system which can stop your radiators from getting as warm as they should. Bleeding your radiators will keep your heating running more efficiently whilst keeping you nice and cosy.

Get your boiler serviced

Why not get one of our qualified engineers to give your boiler a service. We recommend servicing your boiler once a year to keep your boiler operating as efficiently and reliable as possible. Regular services will identify any faults that may become bigger problems in the future, reducing the risk of being left cold this winter.

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